4-Steps to Become a Pilot in South Africa

4-Steps to Become a Pilot in South Africa

In this blog, we’ll talk about ‘how to become a pilot in South Africa’.

When you start dreaming of a career as a pilot, these few questions would definitely strike through your mind.

Am I eligible to become a pilot? And if I am, where should I start my Pilot training?

Well, the first step to become pilot would be to take a proper training and pass various rounds with great scores to attain the certifications. And then, you’ll be eligible to become the Pilot.

4-Steps to Become a Pilot in South Africa

Eligibility Requirement to become a pilot in South Africa

Currently, in South Africa, the candidates don’t need to have any specific educational qualification to start the pilot training. However, they must have pursued their education in English, Math, Science, Geography at the highest possible levels.

If they’re from another country, then it is mandatory to prove their English-speaking ability by qualifying an English proficiency

Process to Become a Pilot in South Africa

Step 1 – Join the Training School

To pursue your training as a pilot, you would need to get admission in one of training schools in South Africa.

Before admission, they will ask you for the medical verification in which you’ll have to undergo the chest x-ray and other medical tests which would be overseen by a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) and only after his approval, you will be eligible to get Student Pilot License (SPL)

Step 2 – Get SPL

Student Pilot license
Step -2 to Become a Pilot in South Africa

Once you become eligible to get SPL, you can ask your school trainers to assist you with the form submission along with Medical certificate to obtain SPL.
After getting SPL, you become eligible to fly the aircraft (without passenger) as a student pilot undergoing the training.

Step 3 – Private Pilot License (PPL)

Step -3 to Become a Pilot in South Africa

This is the first level which enables you to fly an aircraft with passengers. However, you can’t charge for it.

To become eligible to get PPL, you need to age 17 years or more and must be proficient in English language.

You must have passed 8 written or online SACAA examinations with 75% or more scores.

Step 4 – Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

The next step to pursue your career as a pilot in South Africa is to grab the CPL. (In order to)To get CPL, you can go for either CPL Single Engine or Multi Engine training.

To be eligible for CPL, one must age 18 years or more, should have a valid General Radio License, Class 1 Aviation medical certificate and relevant scorecards of all SACAA commercial license theoretical examinations.

After getting CPL, you can finally start searching for a Pilot job in South Africa.

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