Sunsea Aviation Services Private Limited

Frequently Asked Questions


1)Shall SUNSEA take care of my VISA?

SUNSEA, will be assisting you each and every step in visa processing. It gives full fledged professional guidance in documentation for VISA, and tackling VISA personal interview.

Particularly, for USA and CANADA VISA interviews, SUNSEA gives excellent professional visa guidance. More over, SUNSEA is a member in U S Educational Foundation in India (USEFI).

2)Shall SUNSEA help in getting the Education Loan?

Yes, our students have got loans with almost all major nationalized banks. Now a days, the banks have eased out the norms for educational loans. SUNSEA will be assisting you in loan documentation.

3)Shall SUNSEA help in License Conversion Process?

Yes, SUNSEA will assist you in procedures and formalities for applying for conversion of license.

4)Is medical is compulsory to do this pilot training?

Yes, SUNSEA will give enrollment only with your DGCA Class II medical report. You can get the nearest DGCA approved doctors phone number and address from SUNSEA.

When you do the Class II medical, it is better to do Class I screening test also. DGCA has eased out the Class I appointment dates by appointing three major private hospitals and you will get the desired dates after your training in abroad. However to confirm to Class I medical standards, you need to undergo Class I screening/mock test.

You have to note that you have to do the medical of the country which you plan to go. So, you have to do that country medical also with the approved doctors. USA and Canada approved doctors are already available in India. SUNSEA strongly recommends the students to do country specific medicals before departure.

5)Shall the flight school give guarantee for finishing the training within the prescribed period?

All the flight schools of SUNSEA assure to finish the training within the prescribed period. They will give schedule to the student accordingly. But, it also depends on how you perform and how can you finish the flying as per the schedule. Flying requires strong ground subjects knowledge. SUNSEA insists the students to get in to training without any diversion in abroad. As you have to undergo the training in a short span of time, involvement and concentration are required more during the period of training.

6)Will the flight school charge any thing apart from the prescribed fee?

SUNSEA has bargained with the flight schools and got as a package. So, the flight school won’t charge you for any purpose. But, extension of training, failure in examinations will cost you extra.

7)DGCA is changing rules and regulations now and then, how do I know, as I am in abroad ?

SUNSEA will update you all these now and then. SUNSEA suggests all of its students to get in contact through phone / email / chat.

8)Can I get the feedback from the old students and present students of the flight school ?

Sure. You can look for our old student contact details in testimonial page. If you want further details, you can contact SUNSEA.

9)What are the value added services given by SUNSEA?

SUNSEA gives value added services in the following areas:
1. Getting Class II medical assessment from DGCA
2. Applying for Class I medical
3. Applying for ‘File forwarding’ to DGCA for Class I appointment
4. Applying for Computer Number
5. Applying for RT Exam/RT License Conversion.
6. Applying for Examination

10)Is it necessary to do ground class before I leave to abroad for pilot training?

It is not at all necessary. Because, all these flight schools start training from the fundamentals of aviation only. But, when compare to other countries, DGCA examination will be hard. So, before you go for conversion examination, it is better to undergo ground classes with experience instructors as per DGCA examination point of view in India. SUNSEA also offers this training.

11)I do not have much English communication skill? Can I do this training?

To become a Pilot, English communication is mandatory. You can avail SUNSEA’s assistance to get out of this problem

12)Is SUNSEA an agent ? Shall we have to pay any service charge or commission to SUNSEA?

SUNSEA is the authorized representative of all these flight schools. So, SUNSEA has been taken care of by the flight schools. You need not to pay anything to SUNSEA. What you pay during enrollment also for getting Admission from the flight school and VISA processing fee. After you have got the VISA, the entire course fees has to be wire transferred through bank directly to flight schools’ account.

13)SUNSEA represents four flight schools in different countries. Which flight school is best? In which country if we do the training the airlines will consider?

SUNSEA is very careful in selecting the flight school. It represents the flight school those who are fulfilling the DGCA requirements. So, the students won’t have any problem during the conversion of foreign license to Indian license.

Flight schools of different countries have different price structures. So, you have to decide the country/School according to the budget. And also, you have to see whether you can meet out the minimum expectations of Consulate of the country.