Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Career Guide

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – how to end up an Aircraft Renovation Engineer? This is a huge question by means of all college students who are curious about Aircraft and Engineering. With the aviation enterprise getting a boost and growing speedy, the requirements of plane Protection Engineers need is   increasing in the country. So can all and sundry emerge as an Aircraft Renovation Engineer? What is the eligibility standards; who’s the authority to license for education as an Aircraft Protection Engineer and so on? These and different questions are responded in this article that talks approximately all elements of the way to become an Aircraft Maintenance engineer.

Who’re Aircraft Maintenance Engineers?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Career Guide

For safe aircraft operations, it’s miles vital that each one renovation, repair, overhaul and amendment paintings of an plane is accomplished often. These capabilities are pleasant dealt with human beings who have the requisite technical knowledge; specifically via engineers effectively certified and having the specified expertise, revel in and excessive degree of competence. It isn’t always enough to examine plane upkeep engineering. To be a practicing one, students want the requisite license from the Director trendy of Civil Aviation (DGCA) who conducts examinations and additionally troubles simple maintenance Engineer’s certificate (BAMEC) in addition to Plane Maintenance Engineer’s (AW) License to the ones candidates who bypass the relevant examinations and meet all other eligibility necessities.

Where to do the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Route?

It’s far mandatory to look at aircraft renovation engineering at DGCA approves AME schooling Institutes which might be accredited to impart Basic training in the field of aircraft maintenance. to check the list of AME schooling Institutes, click here.

Many AME students take a look at publications which aren’t recognized ensuing in vain diplomas or degrees. The college supply fee in consultation with Ministry of Civil Aviation has delivered a B.Sc (Hons) path in aircraft maintenance along with the version syllabus template to be had right here. Institutes offering this path ought to hold in song with this before applying for the popularity.  To down load the Syllabus click here.

How to emerge as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)?

Applicants have to go through training and then observe for licenses starting with the fundamental accompanied through every stage as required.

Forms of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer(AME) candidates:

  1. AME Trainees.- candidates who’re undergoing training inside the DGCA accredited AME Schooling Institutes.
  2. GET –Graduate Engineering Trainees present process schooling within the DGCA accepted institutes of the airways.
  3. AEG – Aeronautical Engineering Graduates in streams as a part of Aeronautical engineering
  4. DEF – approach candidates retired or operating within the Defence Forces.
  5. Standard – method candidates not falling in any of the above category
  6. Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) Scheme

Under this scheme, graduate engineers are recruited through the operators and given substantial theoretical and practical education each in simple and particular subjects to seem in Paper I, II & III after satisfactorily completing the prescribed 3 year curriculum.

Candidates of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) training Institutes Authorized by DGCA

Basic education within the field of plane upkeep engineering is obtainable by means of DGCA identified institutes. The curriculum, education and facilities of those institutes are as in keeping with the requirements stipulated through DGCA. Applicants from such institutes are accepted to seem in Paper I, II & III after satisfactorily finishing the 3 year curriculum respectively. Admissions to these institutes are separate and there may be not unusual method or Counselling.

  • Eligibility to Enroll in AME institutes
  • Candidates should have handed 10+2 pre-diploma/intermediate or equal with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


  • They may additionally have surpassed B.Sc with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


  • Diploma in Engineering with 50% marks.

AME Clinical Specs

All college students will must produce a clinical certificates from a registered clinical practitioner with minimum MBBS qualification to certify that he / she has no bodily disability and the coloration vision is regular to emerge as an plane renovation engineer

Education at Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) institutes might be in:

(a) Mechanical movement (Aeroplane and Power-plants) – training will include of light Aeroplane (Los Angeles), Heavy Aeroplane (HA), Piston Engine (PE) and Jet Engine (JE).

(b) Mechanical flow (Helicopters and Power-plants) — schooling will include of Rotary Wing aircraft (RA), Piston Engine (PE) and Jet Engine (JE).

(c) Avionics circulate – education will contain of Electrical System (ES), Instrument Gadget (IS) and Radio Navigation Machine (RN).

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) License and checks:

DGCA conducts the assessments three times in a yr in March, July , November

BAMEC AND AME LICENCE EXAMINATIONS- The examinations consist of two components, i.e. written examination observed by using oral-cum-practical take a look at.

To download the syllabus for the exams click right here

Exam Centers: New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Kanpur, Bangalore, Chennai, Patna, Lucknow, Bhopal, Gawahati and Thiruvananthapuram

What is the fundamental Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s certificates (BAMEC)?

BAMEC means – Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Certificate

BAMEC is a simple Certificates, without type-score, which does now not entitle its holder to any certification privileges. obtaining a BAMEC is vital for acquiring a type rated AME License for inspection and certification of aircraft, engines or structures

  • Eligibility for simple Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s certificate
  • Candidates need to now not be less than two decades age;
  • They have to have handed 10+2 exam with Physics and arithmetic or some other equal qualification acceptable to DGCA
  • They ought to have passed papers I, II and III written examinations of the AME route.
  • They ought to have as a minimum three years sensible aeronautical engineering revel in within the subject allied to the concern for which BAMEC is sought,
  • They need to produce a certificates from an MBBS health practitioner indicating that he does now not have any bodily incapacity and colour blindness.

Eligibility for plane upkeep Engineer’s License

  • candidates shall not be less than 21 years of age;
  • They should have surpassed 10+2 examination with Physics and mathematics or any other equal qualification acceptable to DGCA;
  • They shall have exceeded papers I, II and III written examination and additionally paper IV permitted direction on the unique plane/engine/systems;
  • They shall have passed the necessary oral-cum-realistic exam;
  • They shall produce a scientific certificates from an MBBS doctor that he does not have any physical disability or colour blindness;
  • They shall own a minimal practical experience of 4 years within the subject of plane preservation engineering.

Classes of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licenses

  • Category A
  • Class B1
  • Category B2
  • Class B3
  • Category C

Revel in for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) license:

  • For  class A, Sub-categories B1.2, B1.four and class B3― three years
  • For Sub-classes B1.1 and B1.3 and category B2 – 5 years
  • For category C with respect to big plane
  • three years of protection revel in exercise privileges of categories B1.1, B1.three or B2
  • Five years of upkeep revel in workout the privileges of categories B1.2 or B1.
  • For category C with appreciate to plane apart from big plane – three years of upkeep experience

How to observe for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) license?

After appearing for the relevant exam, candidates ought to follow to the Director of Airworthiness, workplace of the DGCA, contrary Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi with a charge of Rupees One Hundred. If all of the files are observed high-quality, the applicant is issued the relevant BAMEC or AME License.

What’s the validity of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) license?

The license so issued is valid for a most length of 5 years in every case, and may be renewed for any other five years.

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