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Aviation Management


Aviation management would be anything from the flow of a Fixed base operation (airport support area) to the scheduling of planes and pilots. Maintenance of aircraft and the scheduling of AD’s and other required issues would also fall into this grouping.

Prepared to bridge the gap between the industry demand and professionals with the global knowledge of the aviation industry, the core modules of the program are designed to equip the aspiring manager in you with specialized domain specific skills like ground handling, cargo, aviation safety & fleet management, regulatory management, fueling management & other allied issues relevant to the aviation industry.

aviation management

Aviation Management Course

The Aviation Management program combines business management and flight training in a unique blend designed to prepare graduates for their entry into an aviation career.

The aviation component, delivered by the flight training units, prepares students to obtain private and commercial licenses, including night and single engine instrument ratings. Further electives in the program may provide training in instructor, float, aerobatic, and multi engine instrument ratings. These units will provide comprehensive flight training through the use of flight simulation equipment and a variety of single engine aircraft meeting the approval of Transport Canada standards for flight training.

The management component of the program, delivered by RRC, prepares students for the business elements of the aviation industry through a blend of courses that includes communications, social sciences, computer applications, marketing, human resources and accounting.

Students will be at the College a maximum of three days per week for classroom instruction, and the remainder of the week at the flight training units for flight instruction. Any weather conditions considered too adverse will limit flight instruction.

Different Management Courses

  • Diploma in Aviation Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management
  • M.Sc. Aviation Management
  • M.B.A. Aviation Management
  • M.Sc. Air Transport Management

Scope for Aviation Management Courses

After successful completion of Aviation Management courses, one is eligible to explore the following career opportunities.

  • Airport Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Airport Operations Manager
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Aviation Faculty

Typical Employers of Aviation Management Careers

  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Airports
  • Aviation system planning firms
  • Aviation-related small businesses
  • Flight schools
  • Higher education institutions
  • Many more

Role of Sunsea

  • Guiding in choosing the right country
  • Guiding in choosing the right institution
  • Getting admission letter
  • Assisting in bank finance
  • Expert guidance for VISA
  • Pre departure arrangements
  • Post departure arrangements

Sunsea’s Services

Sunsea underpins the undertaking of the study in an assortment of productive manners.

  • Master directing to recognize the reasonableness of the study for the course, establishment and nation relying upon their desire and gifts, both inborn and scholarly
  • Undertaking qualification checks and significant documentation relating to the application
  •  Encouraging the receipt of affirmation/offer/acknowledgment letter from the foundation
  • Dealing with the cycle of affirmation with documentation and accommodation
  • Offering powerful direction regarding profiting advance offices from banks/monetary establishments
  • Direction on the visa cycle
  • Planning of visa archives
  • Accommodation of visa
  • Pre Takeoff instructions to the study
  • Masterminding air terminal pickup at the objective