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AME in Ireland


Based in a state of the art training facility, the aviation Institute is an approved EASA Part 147 Training Organization located near Shannon Airport in the West of Ireland

The Aviation Institute is part of an independent aviation company with over 50 years of aviation experience.

What Does an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Do?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer maintain, inspect, modify and repair an aircraft’s airframe, engine and avionics. They also perform sheet metal repairs and corrosion removal on an aircraft’s airframe.

About the Programme

The programme is designed to bring students through the fundamental of Aircraft System Design, Human Factors, Maintenance Practices and Aviation Legislation required to became a competent Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

On successful completion of the programme, participants will be capable of carrying out maintenance Engineer programme is fully approved by EASA

Programme Content (Assessment )

The syllabus and examination standard is outlined in the EASA part 66 regulation. The duration of the training is two years : 50% Theoretical and 50% Practical Training. The Theoretical training programme is divided into 12 modules with a multiple-choice examination at the end of each module.

Year 1: Theoretical Training (21 weeks)

  • Mathematics – covers Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.
  • Physics – includes matter, mechanics thermodynamic, light and sound
  • Electrical Fundamental – covers all aspects of basic electrical theory
  • Digital Techniques Electronic Instrument System – theory of aircraft instruments
  • Materials and Hardware – learn all about materials and hardware used in aircraft
  • Maintenance Practices – understand the practices used to safely maintain aircraft to the manufacturer’d data
  • Basic Aerodynamic – understand how aircraft fly, composition of the atmosphere, aerodynamics, theory of flight and stability
  • Human Factors – understanding the physical and Cognitive ergonomics, and the human interface within aviation maintenance
  • Aviation Legislation – an important module that introduces the learner to the complex world of the laws governing aviation
  • Aeroplane Aerodynamics Structures and System – in – depth study the structures and system found on turbine aircraft
  • Gas Turbine Engine – covers all aspects of turbine engine operation
  • Propeller – covers seven chapters including construction and maintenance

Year 2 : Practical Training

This will be spent transferring the knowledge gained in year 1 into practical application conducted in 2 phases

Phase 1 (11 weeks)

The training is delivered in dedicated training workshops where you will gain the hand skills and know how to use the tools and instrumentation required to safely maintain modern jet aircraft. On Successful completion of Phase 1, you can progress to Phase 2.

Phase 2 (6 and ½ week’s practical training plus 1 year’s maintenance experience)

Practical training is conducted in the busy environment of live aircraft maintaenance at aviationgroup. You will be actively involved in actual maintenance activities on Boeing 737, Boening 757 and Boening 767 aircraft carrying out or assisting in such tasks as : engine replacement, cabin refurbishment and structural repair, flight control and landing component replacements and system testing.

You, the trainee, will be working together with experienced engineers who will support you during this phase and bring you to the competency levels expected by industry leaders such as Aviation Group. You will also gain substantial insight of the management of aircraft.

To successfully complete the programme, students must pass all examinations at the required pass mark of 75% . All relevant practical assessment must be successfully completed and meet the minimum attendance requirement of 3,072 hours over the duration of the course, including all hours for each module.

Successful completion of EASA Part 147 approved training programme and one years experience entitle

The student to an EASA Part 66 A1 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence.

This is a full time course consisting of structured theory and practical tuition delivered over 18 months.

Career Progression

This programme is aimed at anyone who wishes to gain the skills and experience that will allow them to perform maintenance work on large commercial aircraft such as Airbus and Boeing . This programme will enable you to become an EASA quailed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. This is a career with long-term growth possibilities that will allow you to travel all over the world, as EASA approved qualifications are recognized globally

EASA qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are highly sought after due to the high standards of maintenance work and safety they must maintain

There are many career progressions available to EASA AME’s Many of our former trainees have become world leaders in the aviation community, some examples below,

  • Vice President & Head of Technical EMEA with AerCap
  • Vice President , Technical with Aergo Capital
  • Operations Manager with KLM Asia

Why Train at Aviation Institute?

The company has developed a rich and vibrant history of training word class Aircraft Maintenance Engineers over the past 30 years. The 2013 and 2015 WorkSkill Aircraft Maintenances Champions were trained at Institute Aviation The Company has also produced the last 5 Irish National Skills Champions

Our Trainers are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry .They strive to ensure that you gain the best learning experience and successfully pass the programme.

Aviation Institute will support you, where possible , in gaining work experience and employment as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

You will gain experience as part of your practical training in a live aircraft maintenance environment

Why Train in Shannon, Ireland ?