Tips For DGCA Pilot Exams -2021

Pilot Training in India is a easy process with the exception of the tests one need to pass. DGCA, the approved association to lead pilot training tests in India, is severe in maintaining quality of cadets thus tests are made somewhat intense to break. In any case, we are giving a precise arrangement to break them without any problem. Plan to show up for the tests this way and you can unquestionably finish the tests. We, as a Flight School, utilized this procedure for our Student

Difficulty Levels For DGCA

There are 5 DGCA exams and 1 RTR (Aero) exam, making a total of 6 exams. Of these, RT (Radio Telephony) is the toughest exam and one will take an average of 7 to 10 attempts to pass. Of the other 5 exams, difficulty level is as follows.

DGCA Difficulty Level

This table isn’t material for anybody and everybody. we set it up by breaking down the outcome sheets of exams, for a couple of meetings. we know students who Failed to clear the most effortless Technical Specific even in 5 attempts and Also know Student who cleared RT in a Single Attempt. Thus, everything relies upon your diligent effort and approach you use.

How to Prepare for DGCA Exams?

Separation and rule is the best strategy here. You can think about my methodology for this.

Why we use this method? Passing Technical general, Air route and RT requires tolerance and profound examination. You will get more knowledge and seeing each time you show up and you will be increasingly prepared. Passing RT Exam additionally requires thorough knowledge and experience. As your flying likewise progress, you will get more experience and skill in the field which will empower you to answer rapidly and accurately dependent on your own experience. You should adapt completely and reliably to finish exams. Taking long breaks during planning can put forth the whole attempt purposeless.

There is No Such thing as Shortcut in DGCA !

Never think about passing pilot exams using shortcuts. These exams are not conducted to get you a job easily. Rumors about fraud agents who loot money from candidates to make them pass exams spread recently. Using fraudulent techniques can result in risking your life while in air. If you have passed honestly, you will have good knowledge about what to do in an emergency. You will also be familiar with standard procedures, laws etc.

Preparing each paper for DGCA

Technical Specific

Technical specific exam is the easiest among the 6. You just need a small question bank (200 to 300 questions in total), to pass. Just prepare for that, 2 or 3 days before the exam date and you will surely get it. Remember to memorise the questions and answers completely and exactly, as you may see very similar answers in the options.

Air regulations

This subject consists of national and international law regarding aviation, standard operation procedures and emergency procedures. Learn them and try attempting trial exams

Technical General & Air navigation

There are the hard exams conducted by DGCA. Technical general consists of mechanical and electrical systems of aircrafts. Air navigation deals with safe navigation of aircraft, calculations associated with it, instruments to be used, etc. It is better to apply any one at a time and prepare fully using Oxford or Trent study materials. has got a large number of trial exams to enable you to crack the exam in first chance itself.

RTR Aero (Radio Telephony)

The hardest exam needs more attention too. Communication skill in very essential to crack the first part. You have to communicate using RT language in real-time and show your proficiency in it. The more experience you have in flying and real RT, the better. You can also buy wireless handsets and practice it your own with the help of your instructors, who have already done with the exam. You need good knowledge in technical, navigation, meteorology and air regulations to pass the interview session. In short, you must be well prepared and knowledgeable to crack RT exam.

Hope this guide is useful and informative. feel free to ask your doubts by Enquiring us

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